“I have been studying with Kirstine for about two years and I am amazed at the results I have been able to achieve under her careful teaching and guidance. Although I had tried to draw and paint throughout the years, I always hit a wall because of my lack of practical knowledge. The experience of working with Kirstine is simply delightful – she’s patient, extremely talented, and completely comfortable in her role as a teacher. I plan to go on with my sessions indefinitely.”
David Jamison

“After retiring from my ceramic business after 20 years I decided I was going to do what I always intended and that was to paint. I went to Craigslist. I found Kirstine. Just wanted to get a basic materials course to get me started. The price for private lessons were so reasonable. I had no idea that this was going to lead me where it did. To a woman that is so dedicated to give the best possible information in such an unselfish and gentle manner. I thought I could paint when I got there but I learned so much more than I expected and produced work I never thought would be possible. Her teaching style is very comfortable. Oh thank goodness for Craigslist! I absolutely adore her.”
Denise Ford

“I have had the honor to study with esteemed painter, Kirstine Reiner. I wanted to learn the master techniques of classical realism. Since being drawn into the genre of realism, I have grown immensely as an artist (specifically by the instruction and guidance of this European realist painter). I am impressed by the quality and depth of her knowledge, as well as her chosen materials striving for a caliber of excellence. Reiner is truly, the ivy league in the realm of artistic instruction. I have studied with her twice a month over the past year. I believe that by making the investment into Reiner’s lessons, the qualitative return has paid back with immeasurable magnitude.”
Jennifer McKnew

“I learned more in two hours with Kirstine Reiner than I did in a year of art classes”
Kamela Portuges

“Although I had prior drawing skills and knowledge, my lessons with Kirstine Reiner began with a very limited history of accumulated painting skills and techniques. Through private lessons, however, my skills and abilities at rendering oil paintings in a classical format have greatly increased and improved. I feel that I have learned a comfort with oil painting and technique, from underpainting to final detail, through private instruction that I personally could not obtain through classroom instruction alone.”
Louis Cubba

“I began with taking drawing and painting classes with Kirstine Reiner about two years age. I hold a Master of Art in Painting from NYU and a CA art education credential. My own art work was not as precise and structured as I would like it to be. The classes at Kirstine Reiner’s studio provided intense focus on improving my accuracy skills, and working with the delightful old master’s techniques of oil paint glazes. I saw a huge improvement in my work. I find my drawings and paintings to be visually more believable. I am pleased with the results. I continue to schedule learning time with Reiner, to keep up skill building exercises. I recommend any serious artist or student of art to take the advantage of experiencing the benefits of studying with Kirstine Reiner.”
Linda Rosenblum

“It is a genuine pleasure and honor for me to recommend Kirstine Reiner and her oil painting classes. Reiner has instructed me in oil painting for several months now, and I can state unequivocally, that each class has proven rewarding. Reiner is a talented artist and patient instructor – a combination which has left my knowledge enriched and in awe of her skill. Each class is focused on the student abilities and real techniques are acquired at the end of the lesson.
In closing, let me say that I have no hesitation in recommending Reiner and the oil painting classes. I feel confident you and art will develop significantly from her instruction.”
Dan Montagne

“Kirstine helped me “get” shading, which opens lots of doors for artistic self-expression. Now I can perfectly shade balls, cones and cylinders and apply these concepts towards my real drawings. The difference has been remarkable.”
Norman Klein

“I can’t thank you enough for all the wonderful lessons. I learned so much from you, and really enjoyed learning your techniques for painting. You are truly a role model for me, and I will never forget your patience, kind words, and gentle guidance these past three years.”
Julie Allen

“I worked with Kirstine for a couple of years.  I found her very helpful in realizing my vision of what I wanted to paint. Her patient style coupled with advanced technical expertise will have a lasting affect on anyone wishing to advance their painting practice.”
Dan Wilson