Online Lessons Evaluations:

One Online Evaluation: €25 ($28)
Discount of 6 Evaluations in advance: €135  ($150)

Recommended if you are new to classical drawing and painting:
Initial purchase of the 'Classical Drawing and Painting' Videos on a USB Flash Drive:

1. Observational Drawing (122m): Proportional Measuring, Negative Space, Under-Painting:

$49 +ship. (€44 + ship.)
2. Color Layers (345m): Materials, Color Theory, Mixing Colors, Color Layers, Highlights, Glazes: $99 +ship.
(€88 + ship.)
Purchased together discount (total 5h 45m):

$129 +ship. (€115 + ship.)

 Please read more about the lessons and fees in the section 'Online Lessons'.

In person Private Lessons at my Studio in Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany:

€35 for 70 min. lesson.  (6 lessons discount: €189)
All materials are provided and included in the price, you don’t have to bring anything. None of the lesson time will be used for setting up, the whole lesson is devoted to learning. You can choose to pay and schedule lessons one at a time. Payment can be done by check, paypal or cash at the first lesson.

Skype Lessons/Consultations

I charge 1 ($1) per minute, with a 20 min. minimum.
A retainer of $60 is paid in advance via Paypal to:  reiner.art@gmail.com
I repay you the unused payment immediately after the lesson via Paypal.
For example: I reviewed your image and your consultation lasted 30 min., I will repay you $20.
Note that I don’t charge for an informal chat in the beginning of the session. I also don't charge for shorter emails, but for longer more involved emails there’s a fee of $10.

The Skype consultations are meant for students and artists who would like feedback and conversation about their work in progress, career advice, questions about materials, motivation etc. I'd be happy to talk to you and try to help you with anything that's on your mind to do with your creative practice.

Feel free to ask any questions!