All Lessons are private One-On-One Private Lessons in my home-studio in Kreuzberg district of Berlin, Germany. Please see the page 'Rates' to learn more about fees.

Classical Painting
You will be working from a still life, which is a great way to learn new techniques. I’ll guide you in the methods of classical oil painting, while inspiring you to grow and improve. A minimum of 6-10 lessons will provide you with the basic knowledge of how to build up a painting, layer by layer. Some students take lessons over a longer period in order to go deeper into the work.
In realist painting it’s important to have developed your drawing skills prior to using oils. I recommend taking a few drawing lessons with me if you haven’t drawn much previously in order to start the painting with confidence.
You are welcome to show me some of your previous work, but it’s not necessary if you are a beginner.
Topics covered: Initial sketch, transfer of drawing, monochromatic under-painting, layers of color, color mixing, glazes, using the tools and materials, mediums, hands-on demonstrations, studio tips and much more.

Classical Drawing
I put great emphasis on learning good drawing skills before doing anything else in the visual arts. Whether you want to pursue realism or abstract painting, sculpture or design, drawing is the language you will need in order to express yourself visually. Learning to draw from a still life will provide you with all the challenges of basic shape, form, proportion, light/shade and textures. It will also help you with your hand-eye connection and the sensitivity of muscular control. I will design the lessons to your level and needs. If you are a beginner I will make sure we start with smaller exercises before going more in depth. Drawing is fun!
Topics covered: 
Beginners: Warming up, drawing from memory, blind drawing, fast sketches. Observation and measuring methods, outline and negative space.
Intermediate and Advanced: Warming up, observation and measuring methods, outline and negative space. Drafting methods, cross hatching, markings, quality of lines, controlling value steps, tonal studies, focal points, planes of the 3-dimensional object, projected and reflected light.

Addressing Individual Needs
Lessons will be suited to your interests, private goals and individual needs. We’ll focus on specific problems you might have in your work and find solutions. Issues can include: composition, perspective, palette, materials, technical and more. We can work with a project you have already started at home, or you might want to paint from a photograph or do a self portrait, or even venture into abstract painting. It’s recommended to take notes along the way.

Skype Lessons/Consultations
A Skype consultation is well suited for when you are working by yourself and would like feedback on work in progress. I'll look at your work prior to the consultation.
I also offer consultations for general advice about your painting practise and on beginner career questions.
Please contact me for more info about Skype lessons and also see the section 'Rates' for info about payment.