“I like to bring art into people's lives. I find satisfaction in sharing my knowledge with others, both beginners and more advanced learners, so teaching comes naturally to me. I believe that everyone has a part of them that is creative, but to express it you need to develop your skills.

Initially when you get into oil painting, the driving force is the excitement and joy of it. At that point you want to learn the basics of drawing and painting. Later, when you want to push and develop your skills further, my teaching will be technically more specific and tuned to which level you’re at.”
Kirstine Reiner Hansen graduated from Kolding School of Design in Denmark with a Bachelors in Design & Illustration. She exhibits regularly in the the US and Europe. She has been teaching private lessons as well as classes and workshops for more than 15 years.

Here are examples of the work I've done in the style of Classical Realism, utilizing techniques of the old masters. All are oil on canvas and panel.

My current website is:

Kirstine Reiner Hansen