Photos from KRH Art Lessons.

Students working on different projects including; still life painting, still life drawing, portrait painting, portrait drawing.

Art lessons in Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany. Student working from a still life or photograph. 
Portrait painting lesson in Kreuzberg, Berlin. Student with his own self-portrait, using more experimental techniques and color palette.
 Portrait Drawing Class in Berlin. Student working on a self portrait. Learning to measure, learning about proportion, drawing techniques and more.
 Self portrait painting class in Berlin. Student with her own self portrait! Using old master techniques. Learning about paint, mediums, brushes for oil painting and much more...
 Still life Drawing Class in Berlin.
Still life private painting class in Berlin. Learning different drawing techniques.
 Painting Class in Berlin. Art student working from a still life.
Painting Class in Berlin. Learning old master techniques, studio tips and much more...