Online Lessons

ONLINE Classical Drawing & Painting Lessons

Online tuition is an affordable and flexible way to learn. You can work from home anywhere in the world, while still benefiting from individual feedback on your progress. 

Purchase the Classical Painting Video Bundle by emailing me: 


I want to start learning Classical Drawing and Painting Online, what do I do?
• Contact me to get an initial 20 min. FREE Skype/Phone Consultation to chat about the lessons and your studio set-up. We also talk about your individual needs and future artistic goals. There’s no obligation to sign up.
• I send you a FREE Materials Guide, so you can make sure you have the right supplies to get started. 

Then what happens? 
• Before receiving personal feedback from me, I strongly recommend viewing all the steps of Classical Drawing and Painting by purchasing my information-packed Instructional Video Bundle.

In these videos I teach you the whole process of Classical Drawing and Painting from beginning to end. You literally get to look over my shoulder while I draw and paint an entire painting. During the process I give demos and reveal the techniques I've developed and honed through my many years of practice. I have made sure to be as comprehensive and hands-on as possible, just as I would if you were taking lessons in my studio. By watching the videos you’ll get a firm foundation to start off from and the benefit is that you can watch the videos as many times as you like!

• As soon as you have watched the Observational Drawing Video Bundle, you can begin your drawing and start getting Online Lessons right away.I will provide a beautiful still life photo to work from. 

 • If you are already an accomplished painter, who would like feedback, then you might not need to watch my videos. Just send me some examples of your previous work so I can evaluate your level.

What’s in it for me?
• In-depth written/visual Evaluation of your work-in-progress addressing your advancement with notations/corrections. The feedback comes back to you usually within 3 days.
• You can email or call me with brief questions anytime, I’ll try to get back to you within 24 h.

How much does all this cost?

Initial purchase of the 'Video Bundle: Classical Painting with Kirstine R. Hansen' (streaming online): 

US $89.99, EU €75.99

Photo: example of online visual/written Evaluation.

Online Evaluations:
One Online Evaluation: EU €28 and US $25
Discount of 6 Evaluations in advance: EU €150 and US $135
Please see more info about Rates here.

What you need at home:
• A place to work, materials.
• Small camera like an iPhone to email me photos of your work in progress.
• A computer so you can watch the Instructional Videos online (optional).

Looking forward to teaching you!

~ Kirstine